Tuesday 19 August 2014

Basic Docker commands

Just a list of docker commands that I've found quite useful so far.
List the containers available locally:
docker ps -a
Just the container IDs:
docker ps -a -q
Filter the running containers:
docker ps -a -q | grep Up
or simply:
docker ps -q 
Build an image:
docker build -t <user>/<image name> .
Run a container from an image, and execute bash shell:
docker run -i -t <user>/<image name> /bin/bash
Run a container from an image, in background, linking ports:
docker run -d -p <host port>:<container port> <user>/<image name>
(You can use -p multiple times, e.g. when the container exposes more than one port)
Show logs of running container:
docker logs <container id>
Stop/start/restart container:
docker stop/start/restart <container id>

UPDATE - Stop running container with a single command:
docker ps -a|grep Up|awk '{ print $1 }'|xargs docker stop 
UPDATE - The reason why I'm not using sudo to run these commands is that I added my user to the docker group, e.g.:
sudo usermod -aG docker

I hope you find this useful.

(Docker 1.1.2 on Ubuntu 14.04)

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