Saturday 26 February 2011

Use the Warnings, Luke

Browsing StackOverflow on perl-related topics, I have two main considerations:
1. Answers are typically very good, concise and useful
2. Questions are submitted with code that doesn't have 'warnings' enabled

I'd say that a considerable portion of the questions submitted would not be posted, or would be less generic, if authors used 'use warnings;' in their code.

Then add a pinch of the great perl critic, and possibly only half of the questions would really be submitted.

If you're using perl, or plan to use it, I strongly recommend to:
1. Always set 'use warnings;'
2. Always submit your code to perl critic (and keep a copy of Perl Best Practices handy).
3. First create the tests, then write the code. That's the only reasonable way (unless you're working on a one-liner for a quick admin task). TDD is your friend.

See more on Perl Critic here.

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